Dayana & Hernan’s Wedding At The Metropolitan Building

Wedding At The Metropolitan Building

I’ve recently had the pleasure of shooting a stylish wedding at The Metropolitan Building for Dayana and Hernan! They were an amazing couple to work with because they have so much creativity running through their veins. In fact, they make artisanal soaps and own a company called Soap Cartel. With a keen eye for luxury and artistry, they were an absolutely joy to photograph.

The day began with the finer details – capturing Dayana’s lovely wedding gown set against a distressed blue-green wall flanked by a touch of urban brickwork, photographs of her stunning rings and of the moments just before her First Look with Hernan.

Hernan looked dapper and gentlemanly as his bride-to-be entered the room. They were both beaming as they laid eyes upon one another and set off to tour the venue as we took the wedding portraits. Each room impressed as we stopped to admire the chandeliers, the mirrored walls and vintage furniture. There was such an array of eye candy!

It wasn’t long before the guests arrived and the ceremony began. Hernan and Dayana had family fly in from Columbia, therefore the ceremony was in Spanish. The bride was beautiful as her father escorted her down the aisle, and the groom couldn’t have looked more proud.

The guests mingled and enjoyed a fantastic cocktail hour complete with a studio style photo booth via, my newly launched photo booth company. The beauty of studio style photo booths is that rather than boxed booths, these are large customized scenes that can accommodate entire groups for a much more inclusive atmosphere. The guests had a blast trying on fun accessories, playing with props, posing for the photo booth photographer and then immediately sharing their new photos on social media at the viewing iPad kiosk.

Dinner and speeches followed, giving me the perfect opportunity to capture the joyfulness of this wedding crowd. Their smiles were so genuine and huge, especially when it came time for the newlyweds to dance to Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”. The evening carried on with the classic traditions – the cake cutting, the garter toss and bouquet toss – and then everyone enjoyed a delicious dessert buffet before the bride and groom closed the night with a last dance to Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.” Each guest was gifted with a little box of soap before they left, a personal touch courtesy of Soap Cartel.

Congratulations, Dayana and Hernan! This was a wedding to remember, for sure!

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Kaytlin & Jacob’s NY Winter Wedding

A NY Winter Wedding

Kaytlin and Jacob kicked off the New Year with a beautiful January wedding. You may remember them from their Central Park engagement photos where they spent a crisp autumn afternoon playing in the park’s piles of golden leaves. I had so much fun with them that day that I couldn’t help but look forward to their NY winter wedding!

I met the bride and groom at the Glen Island Harbour Club while they were each getting ready in separate rooms. Kaytlin and her bridesmaids were having a wonderful time putting the finishing touches on their wedding looks. The bridesmaids were elegant in their black gowns and Kaytlin’s Augusta Jones “Ali” gown was total perfection with its scalloped neckline and intricate lace. Soon she was ready for her First Look.

Jacob stood outside, looking out over the water and contemplating his happily ever after with Kaytlin when she snuck up behind him and gently tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and broke into a mammoth smile while pulling his bride into his arms. They stood there for quite some time, taking in the moment and offering me a set of sweet and personal photos. They eventually broke from their bubble and posed for the camera while Kaytlin’s veil blew in the wind. As you can see, it was one of those incredibly picturesque New York days!

From there I followed them inside for the Tisch and Bedeken ceremonies. Jacob, along with the males of the families, sat for a reception and signed the Ketubah (a Jewish marriage contract). The matriarchs of the two families joined forces to break a ceremonial plate, and then Jacob veiled his bride.

Once these traditional Jewish wedding ceremonies had been completed, it was time for the bride and groom to meet under the Chuppah to say their “I do’s”. The families walked Jacob and Kaytlin to the ethereal canopy that represented the home that they will build together, and everyone took their places. The Glen Island Harbour Club had breathtaking panoramic views, creating a backdrop of watery blues to this spectacular wedding. They spoke beautiful vows, exchanged rings and Jacob stomped a glass before they officially became husband and wife!

The guests enjoyed a cocktail hour while the bride and groom took a little breather in the Yichud room. We did their stunning wedding portraits before the couple made their entrance to the grand ballroom and the reception began. Between dancing the Hora and dining on delicious food, there were plenty of toasts and well wishes from family and friends. They cut the awe-inspiring fondant quilted wedding cake made by World of Chantilly (who specializes in Kosher desserts) shortly before their guests bid them farewell and sent them off to begin their lives as husband and wife. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so many smiles in one place! This was a truly joyous evening and I’m so thankful that I was able to spend it with them.

Congratulations, Kaytlin and Jacob!


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NY Wedding Photography – Lindsay & Mike

Our day begins with an excited groom, an enthusiastic bride and a moment that Lindsay and Mike will cherish forever. As Mike waited at the end of a stony bridge at Clove Lakes Park in NYC, Lindsay made her way to him for their First Look. They shared a couple of coy glances before breaking into full smiles once the moment truly sunk in. I loved taking their wedding portraits and thought that they looked like Disney royalty come to life!

Lindsay’s mother walked her down the aisle of Vetro, a luxurious Italian restaurant and lounge. They both looked absolutely beautiful as the mother of the bride gave her daughter away. The ceremony was short but sweet, and the room was full of people who were thrilled to see these two married. After the “I do’s”, it was time to celebrate at the rooftop cocktail lounge and then the wedding reception.

The first dance followed a lively cocktail hour, and Mike and Lindsay were brilliant to choose Justin Timberlake’s “Not a Bad Thing” because it put people in quite a dancing mood! The formal toasts were warm and heartfelt, the dishes prepared by world renowned Chef Michael DeGeorgio were exquisite, the autumnal floral arrangements were spectacular and the cake … well, just look! Four tiers and a cascade of metallic-toned roses were as beautiful and unique as our couple. The rest of the night was spent mingling and laughing, reminiscing and congratulating. It was perfection.

Congratulations, Lindsay and Mike. I wish you every happy thing in your future together!

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Engagement Photography Session – Kaytlin & Jacob


I spent a lovely brisk day with Kaytlin and Jacob, a fantastic couple who was overcome with smiles during their Central Park engagement portrait session. They were both dressed in dark pea coats, leather gloves and scarves as they strolled along the park’s mall. With the trees so bare at this time of year, the warmth of Kaytlin and Jacob was all the more apparent!

Their engagement shoot was very jovial, as you can see from the armfuls of orange leaves flying through the air! Jacob and Kaytlin have such playful spirits and made this one of my favorite NYC engagement photo shoots to date.

I’m definitely looking forward to their wedding at the Glen Island Harbour Club next month. It should be a grand time!

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